Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finalising the Perhentian Plan

The time is flying past very quickly. We are finalising our plan for our stay in KL on the return trip from Perhentian. Based on the feedback from friends, and from what we have managed to find out from the web, we shall be booking our accommodation at Agora Hotel. It is very near to Bukit Bintang Plaza and within walking distant to Bukit Bintang monorail station. The rates is reasonable.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Perhentian ... another two weeks' wait

Our Perhentian trip is barely two weeks from now. Hooray! We shall finally be at Perhentian.

I am making the final preparation. A very close friend has helped us to get accommodation at Pelangi Mall Apartment in Kota Bharu at a very reasonable price. He is also helping us to find economical transportation from the airport to Pelangi Mall Apartment in the form of a school bus. He has already helped us by getting us in touch with a travel agent who gave us a free room for 4D3N at New Cocohut. What more can I ask from a friend? We shall buy him something nice from Sibu. Maybe, bird's nest.

Now, I have to worry about the nitty-gritty of the trip. How are we going to pay the apartment owners? How to get the keys? How to return the keys? When are the drivers going to pick us up at Pelangi Mall? What time do we leave for Kuala Besut? What do we do if we can't check in at Cocohut immediately upon our arrival at Perhentian? What if it rains? Answers to these questions cannot be found from the world wide web.

Then, there are the questions of our accommodation during our stopover at KL on our return. The member who has been assigned to look for suitable accommodation has still not feed backed to me yet. The hotel, the location, the cost, etc. I need to call him to find out the problem of his silence. Then, the question of where to keep our luggage after we have checked out from the hotel. Our flight back to Sibu from KL is at 6:15 pm. We shall have a lot of free time after checking out. Are there any left luggage facility at KL Sentral? I need to find this out tonight.

Then, there are the questions of payment. Being the group overall leader, I have to calculate all the expenses. Have I left out anything? I need to tell our members of their individual expenses so that they do not under budget their trip.

Hmm! This is the first time I am organising a trip. It is not easy to plan this trip. There were a lot of problems with such a big group. Some do not want to go snorkelling. Some want to stay at a cheap accommodation. Some must have an air-conditioned room.... To conclude, everybody wants to stay at the best hotel at the best beach in an air-conditioned room at a budget price. Where can I find such a place?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beginning of One Very Short Life

Hmm! How do I begin?

Well, blogging has been there for ages. I have to take my first step, and here I am, embracing the blogging world with my first weblog.

It has been on my mind for a long time ... about writing down my thought. It was just that I could not bother to lift my little fingers to blog on those thought. There are so many interesting topics out there which I can blog about ... but I choose to be lazy. I must not allow this laziness to overcome me.

Welcome to my blog.