Thursday, September 26, 2019

Hunan Food - Wulingyuan

After checking into Destination Youth Hostel, Wulingyuan at about 3:30 p.m., I went out to find the route to Wulingyan Park Gate and to explore Wulingyuan. I was still exploring the streets when I thought I should look for dinner. There was this restaurant with a number of patrons and I decided to walk in.

I have never tasted anything like this. It was quite good. Savoury.
The Bandit Chicken was a disappointment. The meat was mostly chicken breast. I hate chicken breast. Chicken breast just does not taste good. I love thigh, drumstick and wings but there was none in this bowl. Savoury and spicy

On the following morning, I went out before 7:00 a.m. to find breakfast. Most shops were still closed. Some were just starting to open but food was still not being prepared. This shop was the first to be serving breakfast. I went in and ordered Jiaozi (dumpling) and Xiao Long Bao (steamed bun). I came back to this shop again after the next morning and this time, I ordered the rice noodle. Like the pork rib noodle soup I had at Many Supermarket food court on my arrival in Zhangjiajie from Changsha, the rice noodle texture was very smooth. Silky smooth! The soup was good.

The Jiaozi was good but I think it was not as good as the one I had in Changsha on the day I came to Wulingyuan. Savoury.

The Xiao Long Bao (steamed soup bun) was good too. I did not know why they did not call it Baozi (steamed bun). Savoury. But I still prefer the Chengdu version.

The rice noodle texture was silky smooth and glistening under the light. The soup was good. However, it was not addictive.
Dinner on my second day in Wulingyuan was at this restaurant. It was close to my hostel. Pictures of the various dishes were hanging on the wall. I picked Fried Beef Noodle because I just prefer my noodle dry.

This was good, certainly tastier and better than the soup noodle. Savoury.

When it came to breakfast, there was not much to choose from. The usual fares were rice porridge, soup noodles, Jiaozi (dumplings) and steamed buns. I did not want to have Jiaozi and steamed buns again and walked further into the town centre when I saw this little shop.

The soft flat noodle was prepared like Chee Cheong Fun but the thin batter was poured only a steaming pan instead of a piece of cloth. Minced meat and green onion was mixed into the thin batter before it was being steamed. Savoury. Quite good.
On the final night in Wulingyuan, I had dinner here. Although there were various dishes, I did not go for the exotic food. I normally go for those food which really looked good or which I had favourable experience.

Taiwan sausage was the best. The Taiwan aboriginal sausage was okay, with a tinge of sourness. This Tujia sausage was hard and slightly chewy, but tasted okay. I would rate it 6/10.
I had originally planned to go to Huangshizhai yesterday. However, I got on the wrong bus and lost two hours Hence, I had rescheduled my visit to Huangshizhai to today. When I arrived at Senlin Gongyuan (Forest Park), it started to drizzle. In order to shelter myself from the drizzle, I stepped into this restaurant beside the bus station.

The Baozi tasted like all Baozi in Hunan. Savoury and tasted okay.