Sunday, August 7, 2016

Last Day in Bangkok

Day 5 (Tuesday, 10 May 2016)

Today was my last day in Bangkok. It was time to leave. My camera bag that has served me so well for the last few years had failed. The clip holding the strap had broken. Farewell!

My plan was to take the Skytrain to BTS Mo Chit station, and from there, to take DMK Airport A1 shuttle bus to the airport. I have no idea at the time where to catch the bus once I arrived at BTS Mo Chit. Was the bus-stop far away from BTS Mo Chit or close by? In order to compensate for the time needed to search for the bus-stop, I would leave for BTS Mo Chit station early.

The most convenient place for breakfast from my hostel was the coffee shop at Pranee Building. I went for Pad Thai again, before taking the Skytrain at BTS National station to CEN Siam Interchange and moving to the Sukhumvit Line to take the Skytrain to BTS Mo Chit station.

I thought that if the A1/ A2 shuttle buses dropped off passengers at Chatuchak Park side of the road, then picking up the passengers to the airport would be on the other side of the road. However, at BTS Mo Chit station, no staircase led to the other side. There was a very large car park there and no buses. All the staircases led to the Chatuchak Park side of the road.

While walking down the staircase, I noticed several people with baggage and I thought that they were probably going to the airport too. Like me, they looked unsure of the location of A1 bus stop as they walked slowly forward and kept glancing at every bus that came into view. Finally, a bus came, slowed down and discharged the passengers. I noticed that it was an A1 bus and a few Westerners with baggage were crowded at the bus door. It was driven by a young pretty thing.

DMK Airport was a busy place. There were many passengers. Like Sibu Airport, passengers were expected to screen their baggage before they could check in or drop their baggage. I went looking for the VAT Refund office but instead of refunding me the money, only my refund form was stamped. The money would only be refunded to me inside the departure hall.

After exploring the ground level, I went up the first floor. There was a restaurant there. The food price was expensive, more expensive than at Changi Airport. Since I still have a lot of THB left, I decided to splurge on myself.

After a very satisfactory meal, it was time to go to the departure gate to get my VAT refund and to exchange all the THB that I have left over.

Finally, it was time to leave for my Airasia flight back to Kuala Lumpur. We took the shuttle bus to the plane.