Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reunion Day, 21st December 2013

Grand Margeritha Hotel, Kuching

This was reunion day. Friends involved in the Organising Committee were rushing to decorate the venue and putting in the last minute touches. Others like LCT and CPF were busy thinking about what to wear for the night.Sigh!

I was ready on WeChat, to catch the live broadcast from friends who were attending the function, among them LCT, LEL, CPF, TGE, FTY, LSE, CPC.

There was no live video, but streams of photos came in short spurts .... then siaran tergendala, before the photos came in again. I think they were too happy to see old faces again after 31 years. There was probably too much to say and talk during the short night so the siaran langsung had to tergendala now and then. Thanks to them, particularly LCT, I managed to get a good flow of the photos of the reunion night.

Anyway, many happy and smiling faces of the occasion were posted on WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook.

5 Science 1 - Datu Putit Matzen, the ex-principal and Ms. Constance Chin, the class teacher with the ex-students

5 Science 2 - the form teacher, Ms Yang was not in attendance and Ms Chiew sat in as the "surrogate" teacher

5 Science 3 - Professor Madya Dr. Hasbi sitting in for Cikgu Cherida

5 Science 4 - Puan Lily and Mdm Kok sitting in for Puan Vincent Kong

5 Science 5 - Mr. Pan and Mdm Siaw sitting in for Puan Mordiah

Welcome Back

In memory of those who left before us. Sad! I could not believe it when I first heard that one of our classmates was gone. Later on, I learnt more had passed on to be with the good Lord. Rest in peace

Reunion door gift/ souvenir designed by our LEL

Tauke bird's nest CPC, tauke electronic HKS, tauke survey WTS, tauke consultant PHY, PhD LSE, etc. welcoming Datu Putit and the teachers

Watching the part of the video contributed by me

Happy and smiling mamas ... how time flies

Datu Putit with the teachers and two students on the right