Monday, June 3, 2019

Japanese Food - Osaka Airport

¥100 = RM3.80

The restaurants were found mostly on the second floor (first floor in British English). At both ends of the floor were convenience stores, i.e. FamilyMart and Lawson. There were also two dining zones, i.e. Dining Court and Gourmet Avenue.

I had not tried bento rice in Osaka so I decided to have one at the airport for my dinner. After being warmed in a microwave oven, the fried food turned soggy but it was ok. 6/10

Ramen shop at Gourmet Avenue, 2F, Osaka Airport
The worst ramen I had. I think this was shoyu (soy sauce) ramen. 4/10
Yakitori. 8/10
Korokke. 7/10
Another one of those fried stuff. I was not sure whether this was croquette or not but I sure love those fried stuff. 7/10
In conclusion, the best I had in Japan: 1st Kobe beef in Kuromon Market, 2nd Ichiran ramen at the alley in Dotonbori, 3rd Korokke at Lawson in Kyoto (near Kyoto-Yodobashi on my way to my guesthouse). All 10/10.