Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winter Breeze is Here Again

Some friends asked me about the weather in PNG. In my reply, I always mention how nice the weather in Port Moresby is compared to those back home in Sibu, Malaysia.

Malaysia lies in the Equator. In Sibu, it is rainy and wet during the North-East Monsoon late and early in the year and from June to September, it is very hot and humid. Humidity is very high and the body would feel "sticky". The only way to avoid this "sticky" feeling is to get into an air-conditioned room.

The best part about Port Moresby weather is you never get that "sticky" feeling. Humidity is very low. However, I always look to the time of the year when Australia enters winter, and that is the time when Port Moresby becomes so cool and windy, especially at night. It is similar to the strong sea breeze at the coast or sea side, windy but much cooler and dryer. During this time also, there is not much rain.

I have been waiting for the breeze to come again this year. Last evening, while walking to do my shopping, I felt the cool wind. The winter breeze is finally here again on 18 May 2012.

For the next few months until October, I shall be enjoying the refreshing cool breeze nightly. During my first "winter" (winter in the Southern Hemisphere) here in 2010, there was the cool breeze at night. Last year, the cool breeze was felt throughout the day and night and it was much chiller than the year before. Staff working on the top floor used to complaint that the air-conditioning was not cool enough but last year during this time, one staff complaint it was too cold, all because of the chilly weather.

I hope this year would be like last year. I was actually told by old timer that last year was exceptionally chilly and cold. Yes, I am looking forward to the cool air in the day too.

Ah, so refreshing!