Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Meals in Sibu before Departure Part II

This is Part II of my last meals in Sibu. I continued this from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, as I disconnected my internet access in Sibu on the afternoon of 23rd November 2009.

23rd November 2009 - Seng Bee Cafe, Lanang Road

I discovered this place very late, i.e. in late 2008 only. CTT told us that the beef kampua here was great. The business was owned by an ethnic Chinese but the cook was (probably) Malay or Indonesian. There were actually two sections to this cafe, one non-halal and one halal. The beef kampua was at the halal section. The cook who dished up the excellent halal beef kampua made excellent Sarawak Laksa too, probably the best I have in Sibu. It was creamy and yummy. So, I had both for breakfast this morning with CTT.

23rd November 2009 - Aborted Lunch - Wan Siang Cafe
My planned lunch at Wan Siang Cafe with TSC at Lanang Road did not materialise. The owner of Wan Siang Cafe stir-fried excellent Malay style mee goreng. I can testify that even Malays cannot prepare such excellent mee goreng. Just when I was about to get moving to Wan Siang at about 12:15 p.m., the sky turned cloudy. I had to call TSC to cancel the lunch date.

24th November 2009 - Another Aborted Lunch - Sing Kwong Food Court
My planned lunch for today at the new Sing Kwong foodcourt with TSC was cancelled, again because of cloudy sky. My favorite food here was the Bak Kut Teh and the stir-fried sambal noodle. The owner of the sambal noodle stall onced promised LKF and me that she would teach us her skills, after we commented that her sambal noodle was so good. We however never took up the offer.

24th November 2009 - at a corner restaurant at Bukit Lima Timur Road
Four of us, CTT, TSC, LKF and me, came together for one last meal as a farewell dinner for me at a restaurant at Bukit Lima Timur Road. I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant but I was told that this was a very popular place. There were a few stalls here, and we ordered roti canai, pork satay, fried noodles, etc. The pork satay was very good, and TSC sapu almost all the satay and the sauce.

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