Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perhentian Trip Package

A regular reader and avid traveller (, Jam, asked in a comment how much it cost me for the package to Perhentian and Redang Islands. If he was asking, I believe, others would be asking too. Well, here is the answer.

(The quotation. Click to enlarge)

(The packaged itinerary. Click to enlarge)

(The deposit. Click to enlarge)

The owner of Fauna Holiday Sdn. Bhd. tour agency, Ong Seng Yeow, is a family friend of my Kota Bharu friend. Ong was recommended to us by my friend, who called him Ah Yeow. He has an older sister who was a classmate of my friend, hence the relationship. He can be trusted.

Although a Kelantanese, Ah Yeow operated from Kuala Besut in Terengganu, from a coffee shop called Restoran Makanan Laut Lucky which my friend said was owned by him, although Ah Yeow said it was a relative's coffee shop. The sister has a shop on the same lane.

(Ah Yeow in blue t-shirts collecting the balance of our payments in his coffee shop)

(Another scene inside the coffeeshop)

You can visit Fauna Holiday Sdn. Bhd. website for a package very similar to ours here Our package was customised.

In dealing with Ah Yeow, do not use the email stated on his website. He will tell you that his computer is down, etc. When we were there, I did not see any computer in the coffee shop. Call him on his handphone. A fax will be handy for the correspondence. He is the Managing Director, Office Manager, Account Clerk and Despatch Boy all rolled into one. He has no assistant to deal with the "email" at the "office" in the coffee shop, although he has a driver cum porter in Kuala Besut and tourist guides based at the chalets where he has business relations. The only time he would be at the Terminal Pelancongan in Kuala Besut was when he sent his clients off at the jetty or when he received them there.

(Ah Yeow leading the way to the jetty from his coffee shop)

If you want a good guide, ask Ah Yeow for Annuar. Annuar was based at New Cocohut Chalet & Restaurant when we were there.

(Annuar, the friendly and helpful guide in the middle)

(Annuar in a group photo with us before our departure from Perhentian Island)


  1. Thanks for the info, mate! Working on it now!

  2. Jam: Glad to be of help to you. I hope others will benefit from it too.

  3. Hey... based on ur recommendation, i've already booked a trip next month from mr. ong. But i'm in doubt whether it's safe without seeing him in person or knowing that the company exists! i'm still holding on to the deposit, my frens are worried coz i only got a very very simple invoice, just the check-in check-out date, pax, chalet, and price.

  4. The locals call him pok yah and he is very friendly and did all the arrangements in a timely manner... highly recommend this guy...

  5. Highly recommend... Mr. Ong did help us to settle every little things... Our tour guide was not Annuar but the other guy named Li (or Lee), also a very friendly and humour person... We did enjoy our trip with our tour guide, Li... =)

  6. Hai there , do u mind if i share your Blog on my Fb page ?