Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guilin and Yangshuo Trip - Prologue

The trip to Guilin was planned in 2008. That year, I failed to purchase my Airasia ticket to Guilin because in the FAQ, it mentioned that the name in the ticket must be the same as those in the passport. Not knowing how to put my name in the flight booking, I missed the dateline in the Airasia almost-free ticket to Guilin promotion.

In August 2009, I finally booked my tickets for the trip in May 2010. However, due to my overseas posting, I did not make it.

And in 2010, I made another booking for Guilin for my recent trip. There was some major doubt as to whether I would be able to make it this time or not, because as the date approached, there was a major event that could have put a stop to my trip again. There was the possibility that my leave could not be approved. I kept my fingers crossed and because of a slight twist of event, I submitted my leave application and it was approved with no question asked. There was still the fear that the approval might be withdrawn at the last minute, and I was never 100% sure whether I could make it this time until the last moment.

When the date of departure from Sibu to Kuala Lumpur came, and onward to Guilin, I knew I made it this time.

I must be thankful to Jam of lifeislikethat ( and Am of sayingtheunsaid ( who through their blogs influenced me to go to Dazhai and Huangyao respectively.

Dazhai could have been more spectacular if it was June (as told to me by the hostel owner/ tout, i.e. when the villagers started planting rice then). Huangyao is a very lovely place, a discovery of a real gem, with ancient buildings, waterways and bridges. As mentioned by the tour guides, it is occupied by Cantonese and indeed, the language is spoken there.


  1. At last, you finally made it to Guilin, my friend!

  2. Yeah, finally.

    Now, thinking of where to go next.

  3. Huangyao is very lovely indeed! Glad you enjoyed your trip there!

  4. Yes, I enjoy the scenery in Huangyao too. The ancient building, waterways, bridges ... I love them.

    It is an undiscovered gem...