Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chinese Drivers

Much has been written about the dare-devil Chinese drivers. They were infamous for breaking traffic rules, especially in overtaking other vehicles in dangerous situations. They were known to instill fear among western visitors because of their driving habit. Is this true?

During my last journey from Yangshuo to Guilin, I witnessed several unthinkable acts of ruthless driving, not only by our bus driver but others as well. I saw our bus being overtaken several times in dangerous situations. The local passengers did not even utter a hoot. The following is just one example of their ruthless driving.

The green bus in front overtook other vehicles and swung into our bus lane.
It continued approaching us head-on on our bus lane.

As it neared our bus, it served into its own lane confidently, without fear of knocking into vehicles coming from behind it.

It successfully veered into its own lane without colliding with our bus.

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