Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nostalgic Penang - Day 5

Sunday, 30 March 2008

(This post was published 3 1/2 years late)

Eng brought me to the Teochew Congee stalls somewhere near Komtar 13 years ago. There, I saw diners squatting on low, small stools perched atop benches eating congee, and it was a strange sight. The congee with the side dishes was good.

Last night, I asked Eng where the location of the Congee stalls was, because I intended to eat there again. Based on the direction given by Eng, I decided to explore the area in search of the Teochew congee stalls this morning. Finally, I found it.

I continued walking the area around Komtar. There, lies the old Gama shopping complex. On the top floor of Gama, Ah Nee worked as a salesgirl at the gold smith shop. Yes, the pretty Ah Nee. What nostalgic feeling.

Breakfast was at a coffee shop along Jalan Hutton. I decided to have Kuey Tiaw Th'ng (flat rice noodle in soup). I have never tried this noodle dish before because it never looked appetising. It was not bad, 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

At mid-morning, we were at a beach. I did not know the name but it was not Batu Feringgi Beach. Quick's children enjoyed themselves riding the horses at the beach.

Then, we went to Ghee Hiang, another shop popular with tourists for its Tau Sar Peah pastry. The other shop was Him Heang.

For lunch today, we were going to try out Nasi Kandar Line Clear, off Penang Road. Five packets of take-away Nasi Kandar cost RM47. At the corner shop to the entrance of the Line Clear was another Nasi Kandar stall, but this stall has very few customers compared to Line Clear.

The afternoon was again spent at the hotel resting. In the evening, at about 6:30 p.m., Ling and I went to explore the streets of Lebuh Campbell, Lebuh Buckingham, part of Jalan Kapitan Keling, Lebuh Armenian and Gat Lebuh Armenian.

Tonight, Quick and his family would be joining a distant relative for dinner whom we bumped into while Quick was parking his van at the Oriental Hotel Parking lot a day earlier. The relative, a lecturer at USM, was someone I knew too. I stayed overnight at his house once with Quick 13 years ago. Though Ling and I were invited, we declined because we did not want to be 'intruders' in a family gathering. We would be looking for dinner ourselves on foot. Most stalls along Penang Road closed at night, but at the far end of Penang Road, just in front of Continental Hotel and Hotel Malaysia, food stalls would open for business only at night. One of these was Sup Hameed. 13 years ago, Eng brought me to have the first taste of Sup Ekor (Ox tail soup) somewhere here at a small Mamak stall. I remembered that somewhere there was a Hotel Malaya. Did Sup Hameed originate from this humble stall? Was this the place?

After dinner, we went for a stroll, walking along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Jalan Transfer and back to Hotel Oriental along Jalan Argyll. I was surprised to find Foochow Association here.

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