Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is a very easy riddle. I first heard this from a colleague more than a decade ago before we parted ways. I met him again when he was in PNG for a year.

When I first heard him said it in Fuzhou Chinese dialect, I was laughing my head off.

I never remembered how the whole riddle was said except for the last line, and when I met him again in PNG, I asked him to recite it for me again, and to write it down, for record sake. Unfortunately, he forgot how it was said, until a week later.

This is how it is recited in Fuzhou.

Lie di san chio suo tiu oh
Leon beng chau san muan san dien
Mo chun won ngu li sia chau
Na tin hu lion li seh tau


Lying three feet away from the bank is a river
On the hills on both banks, grass grows tall

No cattle is allowed to graze there
It is only for the bald monk to wash his head.

There you go .. try solving the riddle!


  1. Surprisingly, I have never heard of this riddle before. Any hint?

  2. Oh ya, dun tell me it's the private parts!