Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 3: Bagan - Ancient Minnanthu Village

14 May 2013 (Tuesday)

During the guided tour this morning, Aung Su Wint must have noted my interest in old traditional villages. He mentioned that Kyaw Wai Linn would be taking us to one ancient village later that afternoon.

After we visited the main temples and pagodas in the afternoon, Kyaw Wai Linn took us to Minnanthu Village. He said that due to its long history which was over a thousand years, the government did not resettle the villagers to New Bagan. It was a traditional Bamar village where there was no piped water or electricity.

At Minnanthu Village entrance. When we arrived, we saw the villager on the left. She showed us around the village
Village girls carrying water. Water comes from the well  
A house beside an ancient stupa ...
A traditional boundary wall made of bamboo strips

Traditional houses made of bamboo and leaves

A pile of wood, probably for the cooking stove

The living quarters
Kitchen utensils
The bedroom
Bathing area
Bamboo roof
An ox cart

A traditional weaving loom
Making traditional cigar. I bought two pieces as gifts
Souvenir for sale. I bought this piece as a gift

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