Friday, August 28, 2015

Excursion to Lea Lea Beach, Port Moresby

8 June 2015

Port Moresby has not much to offer tourists. Port Moresby Nature Park and Adventure Park were of no interest to me. I have been to Loloata and Lion Island. When I received the email of the excursion to Lea Lea Beach, I decided to join the trip.

I have not heard of Lea Lea Beach before that. I soon found out from friends and the internet some information. The beach was nothing to shout about, but I did not want to regret missing the opportunity.

The excursion was organised by the Malaysian Association. The distant was 39 km away from our office.

The route to Sunset Village Resort, Lea Lea Beach was in yellow
On the way to Lea Lea Beach

A village along the road to Lea Lea Beach
Beautiful designs
Finally, arriving at Sunset Village Resort
Driving into Sunset Village Resort
Sunset Village Resort Parking Area

BBQ area in front, the dining area is in the building on the left
The long jetty at Sunset Village Resort

The water is very clean but the dark sand makes it look dirty
The building in front is the dining area

Boxes of food brought with us for lunch
The High Commissioner giving his speech
Lunch time
My plateful of food

On the way back to Port Moresby
The downtown area of Port Moresby

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