Friday, November 13, 2009

Final Days in Sibu

On Wednesday, 11th November 2009, my new employer called to ask me whether I could make the trip on the 18th of November. If I could make it, he would be around when I arrived. Otherwise, the next direct flight would be on 25th November, at which time he said he would not be around as he would leaving on a business trip on the 24th November and would only be back on 8th December. Therefore, he asked whether I could make it and whether that would be too rush for me. How considerate of him. I mentioned that it would indeed be too rush as the notice before departure would only be a week. As such, it was agreed that my departure would be on 25th November. Nevertheless, he mentioned that a staff member from the office would come to pick me up when I arrived.

On Wednesday, 11th November 2009 also, I drove my Kenari EZi for the last time to work in the morning. In the afternoon, the new owner took ownership of it. Full payment for the sales of my Kenari is only expected when the bank releases the money on either Monday (16th Nov.) or Tuesday (17th Nov.). Here was the last shot of my Kenari, taken on 9th November 2009.

So today, 13th November 2009, I came on my old trusted 23-year old motorcycle. Still carrying me around as reliably when I needed her.

And today, 13th November 2009, I clocked in for the last time with my present employer. Thereafter, I shall be on leave. Yesterday evening, my colleagues bade me farewell with a barbeque/ hot pot dinner. Thank you guys and gals for the nice dinner.

Before the meal ended at 9:00 p.m., they told me that they have left a big present on my office desk. They told me that it was too big to bring to the dinner. I was wondering what could that be. How was I going to bring a big box home on my motorcycle tomorrow? How generous of them, and my mine drifted many years back when my primary school students bade me farewell with everyone of them giving me a present.

So, this morning, I was surprised with this "big present". Nevertheless, it was very cutely designed and they really put in much effort and time to do it. I like it and I appreciate their efforts. Many thanks to you all. This is their hand-crafted photo-frame with the cleverly designed picture. It is going to be a souvenir to last forever.

I had another farewell meal during lunch today. It was hosted by my table tennis playing colleagues, except for one. It was a seven-course lunch and I really had my fill of food. Thanks guys and girls for such a wonderful lunch.


  1. Will you continue this blog at your new workplace? I am eager to know your latest development in life, haha!

  2. Jam: I hope so. The dial-up/ broadband services are extremely expensive in that country. I may opt for a cheaper solution and spend less time on the net. Nobody can wean me off the net!

    There is not much info on this country and I hope to fill this vacuum, from a Sibuian's first-time perspective.