Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My First USD

This was the first time I held US dollars in my hands. To be more precise, USD300. Three pieces of paper in exchange for a bundle of money of 20 pieces of RM50 note, three pieces of RM10 note and two pieces of RM1 note. How little I got for so much that I gave. Only three pieces of paper!

Yeah, I needed to change MYR to USD for the reason that there was no demand for MYR in my new country of domicle. I also could not get the currency of my new country of domicile because there was no demand for that currency in Malaysia (or rather, I did not even bother to ask). USD would be a more convenient currency for me to convert to the currency I needed. That was the advice given by my future employer/ boss. The selling rate was $US1 to RM3.44 for today (17th November 2009) at Yewon Licensed Money Changer, Sibu (opposite Pathlab). I may get another USD300 at KLIA on arrival there on 25th November. The exchange rate on XE was USD1 to MYR3.36750. The licensed money changer made an additional RM22 from me by doing just a simple transaction of less than two minutes!! Easy money.

Yesterday, I went to RHB Bank to get the USD. However, the officer there said that it was not selling/ buying foreign currencies. I later checked with a former colleague and he told me that banks in Sibu do not sell/ buy foreign currency. He recommended the money changer at Medan Mall as the selling rate there was more favorable than Yewon's.

So this morning, I went to Medan Mall. There was no money changer there and upon inquiry, was told that it had closed down. So I went looking for Yewon but I could not find it, until a call and an inquiry later, I found it. It was inside. together with a goldsmith shop near the corner of the row of shophouses opposite Pathlab.


  1. I only changed there once. I would rather change in KL. Rates there is more favorable.

  2. Jam: Agreed. My original plan was to obtain USD600. As the rate was unfavorable, I only obtained USD300. I may get the balance in KL.