Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sichuan Hotpot Dinner with Y

Evening, Day 2 (23 October 2012)

While surfing on Couchsurfing, I found her name. She was only able to host female guests but I didn't need a room. I was looking for someone from Chengdu who would be able to provide advice or to accompany me around in Chengdu. This was because of my handicap in Mandarin.

During our correspondence, she did advised me on a few things, among which I heeded were making advance hotel booking at Jiuzhaigou instead of looking for a room on arrival there and taking Hong Jin Tian (a kind of traditional medicine) to overcome high altitude sickness at Jiuzhaigou. However, I did not book a flight to Jiuzhaigou as advised because the fare was high and in addition, I wanted to see the scenery on the way to Jiuzhaigou. She also advised me to buy a down jacket (and I learnt a new term, "down jacket") if I decided to spent time outdoor at night while in Jiuzhaigou. I did not do so though I had thought of buying it because I could not find a shop near Xinnanmen Bus Station selling such jacket.

She was just about to check out of the hospital that same afternoon when I called. She immediately made preparations to host me to a hotpot dinner instead of going home to rest and recuperate. It was really unexpected as I thought having a hotpot dinner was a side activity. I had never thought that anyone in her condition would put off her own interest to make a stranger felt welcomed. She really put in effort to play her part as host.

She had mentioned that I could not have hotpot alone in one of our early correspondence. It must be in a group. She certainly kept her words.

Thank you, Y for your hospitality in hosting me to such a nice and wonderful hotpot dinner and taking such great effort to make me feel welcomed. It was my first hotpot dinner. An original Chengdu hotpot dinner instead of some modified hotpot somewhere in Malaysia or PNG.

Thank you ZL and your girl friend for your hospitality too.

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