Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kuanzhaixiangzi Alley

Late Afternoon, Day 5 (26 October 2012)

After lunch, I rested my feet before going to Kuanzhaixiangzi Alley. Though not as famous as Jinli Street, my Chengdu friend in PNG has recommended the place for Chengdu street food and he warned me that it would be expensive. So did my Chengdu Couchsurfing friend. It was near People's Park but due to the traffic jam, the metered taxi fare cost me RMB18, more than my Huanglongxi hour long bus ride. It was jammed with people, like Jinli Street. It was a commercialised area and the place, though touted as old, looked more modern than ancient.



The taxi journey back cost RMB13, after I asked to be dropped off on the river bank opposite of Traffic Inn before reaching my destination. I realised that the heavy traffic jam would only add up to my taxi cost and would take longer time to arrive than walking.

Today also, I bought a pack of Hong Jin Tian, a Chinese traditional medicine for overcoming high altitude sickness. I read about it on the internet. Y recommended it also and she told me that I needed to take it for 5 days. The pharmacist advised me to start taking it starting tomorrow, in time for the Jiuzhaigou trip on Tuesday and Wednesday. It cost me RMB78 for the box of 10 vials.

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