Monday, January 14, 2013

Wenshu Monastery

Day 7 (28 October 2012)

There was only one more place to go in Chengdu - Wenshu Monastery. I have too much time and was not in a hurry to go to Wenshu Monastery this morning.

After breakfast, I decided to see whether I could find the Huaxi Metro Station. The intention was to depart from here to Wenshu Metro Station. I gave up looking for it because without the GPS, I was not confident of finding my way back after turning left and right while searching for the metro station.

Instead, I decided to return to Xinnanmen Bus Station and took the route which I was already familiar to Jinjiang Hotel Metro Station. Taking the metro cost RMB2 to Wenshu Monastery Metro Station.

After exiting from Wenshu Metro Station, I was not sure which way to turn. There were a few tuk-tuk waiting for customers at the entrance but I did not take it. I randomly turned right and walked. It looked like an old street. Then at a junction, I saw a toilet sign. This must mean it was intended for tourists and I must therefore be near Wenshu Monastery. At the same junction, there were souvenir shops. I turned left to the street where the toilet sign was pointed. At the end of the street, I saw a red wall, typical colour of a temple wall. I kept walking and saw more vendors. I was right on track.

At the entrance, I saw a sign saying "Ticket RMB5" but no ticket counter was seen. I popped my head into the entrance and asked the guard. He pointed to a donation chest for collecting RMB5.

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