Monday, June 3, 2013

Applying for a Myanmar Tourist Visa

I am in PNG. There is no Myanmar Embassy in Port Moresby. .

So how could I apply for the visa? I thought that a travel agency in Sibu would be able to help with the application and requested a friend, SML to help me ask for the requirements to make the application from there.

However, she was unable to obtain any useful information from the travel agency. She suggested that a contact in KL would be able to help. I sent my passport, passport-sized photo (on white background), return air tickets and sent them to her. The contact faxed the form to SML, who in turn scanned and emailed the form to me. However, the form was not that "clean" and I decided to check on the net. Thanks to Cumi & Ciki (, I was able to obtain a "clean" application form from their blog.

I completed the form, signed, scanned and emailed it to SML. It was just the scanned application form and not the original. Since the visa would be valid for three months only, the application was only submitted in March for my trip in May. The tourist visa cost MYR110 and was collected the following day after submission.

 Thanks to SML and HOA, I was able to travel to Myanmar.

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