Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mt Phosi, Luang Prabang

Day 2 (11 Nov 2017) Saturday

After a long morning, I decided to rest in the afternoon. My legs were sore and I was undecided whether I should postponed going to Mt. Phosi to the next day.

Resting was spent poring over web pages looking for popular and must-eat Laos food. I decided that I must have Laos sausage and possibly Larb, if it was not prepared with raw meat.

However, at 4:30 pm, I decided to go ahead with climbing Mt Phosi. Who knew, it might rain or something might happen tomorrow and I would miss the chance to climb it.

From the terrace at the base of Mt. Phosi, right across the road from National Museum, it was a short climb before reaching a small landing where the ticket office was located. Entrance fees was KIP20,000 per person. After paying for the ticket, it was a torture climbing to the top as I was not physically fit.

There was not much to see, except for the view of Luang Prabang surrounding area. There were many people who seemed to be waiting for the sun to set. Have they never seen the sun set before? I did not want to waste my time like I did at Phnom Bakheng in Siem Reap, Cambodia getting myself sweaty in the process.

It was not worth climbing Mt. Phosi. The only positive thing that I could draw from the experience was I have been there, done that. 

So after visiting Phosi, I went hunting for Laos sausage for dinner when I chanced upon a travel agency (N19.89236° E102.13766°) offering Pak Ou Caves and Whisky Village. I went in to inquire.

The price was KIP80,000 with pick up from the hostel. The price was acceptable to me, since the public boat would cost KIP65,000. When I asked the sales girl how would the driver recognise me at the hostel, she replied saying that I have to come to the office, and at the same time smiling at me with her perpetual sweet face. I argued back saying that earlier, she said the KIP80,000 included pick up.

She replied saying with pick-up, I needed to pay an additional KIP5,000. That's a scam! Anyway, I said okay, since that would amount to about MYR2.50 only.

I then signed a form to agree to the terms and conditions. She told me I would be picked up at 8:00 a.m. and the group would depart to Pak Ou Caves at 8:30 a.m.

From the travel agency office (there was no shop name), I continued hunting for dinner.

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