Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About Perhentian Besar Beaches

The following photographs were arranged sequentially to show the beach scenery from the long walk which started from the furthest end in the south at Teluk Keke (A on the map) to Teluk Pauh Beach (G on the map) in the north. As the map was not according to scale, and neither accurate, a Google satellite map was also included for comparison.

Teluk Keke Beach (A on the map)
Of our group of 18 people, none walked on this stretch of the beach to the very end to the south, except me! The beach surface was as smooth as white silk, since the beach was constantly pounded by the rolling waves, washing away the footprint on the beach.

Here was the most scenic spot in Perhentian. These photos could not do justice to the real scenery here, since my camera could not capture the panoramic view of the place. Furthermore, daylight was failing, and there was insufficient lighting. You have to be here to see the real beauty of the place.

Teluk Keke Beach (B on the map)
The stretch of beach from Teluk Keke to the Marine Park Centre was practically empty of visitors. A lot of building have been abandoned and were in a bad state of disrepair. The beach has more litter strewn around, but was very beautiful. According to our guide, Annuar, the land along this beach was government land. Unless there were V.I.P.s visiting, the beach was left to the element, hence the rubbish lying around.

Main Beach (C on the map [southern zone])
This photo was from the staircase at the second spot (from the south) where the beach was broken by boulders. In order to move north, you need to walk across this short flight of concrete staircase which was built over the boulders.

Main Beach (E in the map [northern zone])
At the New Cocohut end (or rather the new chalet under construction/ abandoned Cozy Chalet) of the main beach, you needed to take a 10 - 15 minutes trek through the jungle to reach the northern part of the main beach of Perhentian Besar. The trail exited at Turtle Bay Divers, and next to it was Mama's Chalet. This beach was really the most unsightly looking beach. The beach was littered with dead coral.

The beach is less than ½ kilometre long. At the northern end of the beach was Coral View Island Resort.

Behind the Coral View Island Resort was a short beach, about a 100 metre long. At the end of the beach was the walkway to Teluk Pauh. The beach here was also littered with dead coral. However, there were boulders lying around, and that made for beautiful photography.

Teluk Pauh Beach (G in the map)
To go to Teluk Pauh, you needed to trek over a short, creaking walkway. Teluk Pauh beach was rated 5-star by some visitors to Pulau Perhentian. Exiting the trail was another long pier. There was only one resort here, Perhentian Island Resort or P.I.R. for short. The beach was about ½ kilometre long. The middle section of the beach was more beautiful, with white powdery sand. At other sections, there was some dead coral on the shore.

Teluk Dalam (southern end of Perhentian Besar)
Besides the beaches on the west coast of Perhentian Besar, there was another long beach on the southern part of Perhentian Besar. Though the water there was often cited as being not as clear as at other beaches, nevertheless, we actually found that the water was as clear as at any other beaches during our short stop at Teluk Dalam on our way to Pulau Redang.

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