Monday, August 31, 2009

More Good Blogs on Guilin

Last week has been quite fruitful for me. I found two excellent travel blogs, with the bloggers sharing their travel experience to Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Longsheng. They showed plenty of photographs, with good, useful descriptions. Both have travelled extensively, and I am going to add them to my blog list.

The first is from "Life Is Like That" ( I was a little surprise by the similarities between the blogger (who called himself jam) and myself. First, his blog has "life" at the beginning, mine at the end. Secondly, he is a Fuzhou from Sibu, so am I. Third, he went backpacking to Guilin this year, and I am going there backpacking next year. He went to Sichuan two years ago. I am planning to go there too (Jiuzhaigou, bamboo forest, food, etc.), now that Airasia is flying to Chengdu. He is proud to be a Fuzhou (writing about Fuzhou food), so am I (reading a lot on Fuzhou people, culture, food). I shall share with him on things Fuzhou if he is interested, including video on Fuzhou food, Foochow dictionaries, etc.

The second blogger is from "Jalan Jalan" ( The blogger is travelling the world. The photographs and descriptions of the Guilin-Yangshuo cruise, including the price and food served, is eye-opening for me. Now, I know what to expect.

I am going to plan my itinerary based around their experience.

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