Sunday, August 2, 2009

About Redang Island Beaches

Pasir Panjang Beach (Long Beach) is divided into Kecil (meaning small) and Besar (meaning big) beaches. The two beaches joined up at Tanjung Tengah. Kecil is on the South and Besar on the North. The Marine Park Centre is located on a smaller island, i.e. Pulau Pinang, not on Redang Island itself. Please click on the map above for an enlarged map to see the details.

Pasir Panjang Kecil Beach (Long Beach)
At the southern-most part was the Redang Reef Resort. Separated from it by a boardwalk was the More More Tea Inn.

More More Tea Inn was the shooting location for the 1999 Hong Kong Movie “Summer Holiday”, starring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng.

The beach in front of Laguna Redang Island Resort was almost perfect. Like pimples, the dead corals littering it ruined its perfection. Those walking bare-footed on the beach have to be careful not to step on them.

Pasir Panjang Besar Beach (Long Beach)
Adjoining Pasir Panjang Kecil beach is Pasir Panjang Besar beach. The beach here looks wider, without any dead corals (at least at the location beside Tanjung Tengah). It was better suited for swimming.

Marine Park Centre Beach (Pulau Pinang)
The beach in front of the Marine Park Centre was full of dead corals. It was a pain walking here and swimming bare-footed.

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