Sunday, August 16, 2009

Next Trip: Guilin, Yangshuo, Xingping

The beautiful karst landscape and the reflection of the hills and raftsmen on the calm river in Guilin have been etched in my mind since the day I saw those pictures on the wall calendars during my childhood. These beautiful scenes have stayed with me all these decades. In the many years that followed, more pictures of the beautiful landscape kept popping up in books, calendars, magazines, etc. that I came across.

Next year, I shall finally be a part of the landscape, to admire its beauty from within, with my own eyes. I shall no longer look at it as a picture, but looking at the real, living scene. I booked tickets to Guilin with Airasia yesterday, with the trip beginning from Sibu on 15 May 2010, for a total sum of RM331 for the round trip.

I have about nine months to plan my trip. From now and into the months ahead, I shall be looking for information on Guilin, Yangshuo and Xingping. This will be my first attempt at travelling alone as a backpacker. Information useful to a budget traveller is difficult to find. I am both excited and apprehensive about this whole idea of travelling alone as a backpacker. Just now, I was fortunate to find this site (, by a fellow Sarawakian, which provided some useful information. I hope that in the days to come, I shall come across more information to plan my Guilin/ Yangshuo trip.

If anyone of you wish to alleviate my worry, then join me on this trip.


  1. 1. I published Da Jie's name card in one of my recent post. You can try to contact her once you are in Guilin.

    2. Take the bus all the way from Guilin to Longsheng. From Longsheng, take another bus to Dazhai. Once you arrive at Dazhai, plenty of ladies will approach you to stay at their place.

    "Hee Wong Eh Dang Buong Ne Ni"

  2. jam: Hi Jam, thanks for your very fast reply to my comment on your blog.

    I guess that with this info, I do not have to worry too much when travelling to Longsheng. Do they speak at least some broken English?

    Longsheng was originally not in my plan, but as I read other blogs on trips to Guilin/ Yangshuo, I thought I might have too much time there. So, I am pondering about adding Longsheng to my plan.

    Ni oo dio Sibu moh? En na chu di sia da? I can also pass you a DVD on my collection of Fuzhou food video, Foochow dictionaries, etc.

  3. I doubt they could speak English. That is why this place is still relatively unknown to tourist from western world. There is also less English spoken in Guilin. Yangshuo, on another hand, has a lot of English speakers. In my opinion, try to get someone who can speak mandarin to go with you. By the way, thanks for mentioning my blog here! I will link back to you!