Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ang's Restaurant

Friends back home has been tantalizing me with food. Yes, good delicious food of home. Well, I have to get even with them.

This wild and uncivilized country is also a land of opportunities. Hence, people of many nations are here to make their money, among them Malaysians who are here operating successful and profitable restaurants. Ang's Restaurant is one of them.

Compare the prices of the noodle and rice dishes at Ang's Restaurant and in Malaysia. K1 is between RM1.05 - RM1.20. Now you know how much a restaurant like Ang's Restaurant makes in a year. At lunch time, it is always full.

Ang's Restaurant is said to be made famous because of its Duck Noodle. I haven't tried it but friends tell me that it is very good, comparable to the best in KL. Indeed, it looks so good, with the succulent duck meat.

The Claypot Noodle looks delicious but unfortunately, I was told it does not taste as good. as it looks . The  noodle was not boiling in sizzling hot claypot as most people would expect.

This fried Kuay Teow looks plain, unlike what was shown in the menu. The taste was plain and I have to say I fry better Kuay Teow than this.

This is the menu offered by Ang's Restaurant.

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