Friday, September 10, 2010

Papuan New Guineans are afraid of ......

This must be the surprised of the year.

My Inbox has not been receiving many emails today, and I thought today must be the rare days when I could take a little break from a hectic work schedule.

Only when a friend skyped me and told me that today is Hari Raya did I realise the reason for the low email activity, since there was no email from Malaysia.

When a Malaysian staff of mine got into a conversation with a local staff about Hari Raya and Islam, I told them that I once saw a Papuan New Guinean woman in head scarf shopping in a hypermarket. When I asked  the local staff how were they converted, she answered me that she did not know but there are a lot of them around Hohola area, where there is a mosque. She further added that many people avoided them because they are afraid of them. What! Papuan New Guineans, a feared people themselves, being afraid of scarfed Muslim!! I could not believe it. I never thought that Papuan New Guineans actually know the word "afraid".

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