Sunday, October 31, 2010

7th International Orchid Show 2010

The 7th International Orchid Show 2010 was held at the PNG National Parliament ground over the 1st weekend of October 2020. It is situated less than a kilometre away from RH Vision City.

This is also my first visit to Parliament. So my visit to the Orchid Show on the afternoon of 3rd October 2010 was killing two birds with one stone. The entrance fee was K2.00/ person.

The exhibition ground was very much smaller than I thought. The orchid was displayed on the balcony of Parliament and in the garden on the ground floor. There was a small crowd consisting of both locals and expatriates. There were a number of keen photographers clicking away on their expensive DSLR cameras and I was shooting with my cheap point-and-shoot camera.

Anyway, the photos turned out alright.

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