Saturday, October 23, 2010

Malaoro Market, Port Moresby

It has been fortunate that I decided to take the risk of going out to Ela Beach. It was Independence Day and the newspaper reported that security would be beefed up at the centre of celebrations, i.e. at Ela Beach and John Guise Stadium. If there has not been no such assurance, I would have stayed at home.

After Ela Beach, we drove quite a distant out of town to reach Malaoro Market. It has always been interesting to visit markets because these are the places where you find strange things. Malaoro Market is only a small market. It is just like any markets in Malaysia and I guess that is the reason I did not find  anything strange here.


  1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my crafty blog with a little bit of Foochow goodies.
    You have an interesting blog, detailing your life and experiences in PNG.
    For food, my favorite is still gongpian as your nick, Foochow long life noodle and soup, Foochow handmade dry noodles (one of a kind yummy, sweet sour fish maw, fried noodles and taufu soup. :) Still kampung gal at heart... lol.

    Take care.. enjoy your journey in life. Yes, life is short... have fun :)

  2. Hi, I find your blog very informative to a person like me who will soon be travelling in PNG. hope to read and see more of this exotic Island. keep them coming. Thanks.