Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Port Moresby Ela Beach

It is 16th September, Independence Day. Papua New Guineans are out in droves to enjoy themselves on this public holiday. My friends and I are out in search of susu, known among Chineses Malaysians as nen nen, or in English, breast.

Yes, this is PNG. We have known that bare-breasted women will be around during this celebration. The reason for being bare-breasted is because many women will be clad in  their tribal costume, which of course means nothing covering their breasts.

We are at Ela Beach because we are told that Independence Day activities are being carried out there. On an ordinary day, we would not be here because we have been reminded many times that this place is risky for Asians. Just last week, there were looting of Chinese operated shops in two other towns. We read that security would be beefed up at Ela Beach.

The newspapers reported that Hiri Moale activities will commence on 17th September and end on 19th September. True to what is stated in the papers, there are no official activities today. We are disappointed, but nevertheless, we did see a pair of breast in the sea of people.




  1. Why didn't see any neng neng? Is PNG Independence Day falls on the same day as our very own Malaysia Day?

  2. Neng neng is in picture 3.

    Click on the picture to get a 1024 x 768 resolution picture and you see the neng neng!

    Yes, it is on the same day as our Malaysia Day.