Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mulu National Park II

Day 2 - Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave

(The original post first appeared on in 1995. This version has been edited.)

On the second day, the trip was by long-boats, starting from the jetty at Royal Mulu Resort Hotel.

On the way, we stopped at a Penan Settlement where some of our members purchased handicraft made by Penan.

We re-gathered at another spot for the onward journey to Wind Cave. After 15 minutes, we reached our destination and disembarked at a jetty. Two paths branch out from the jetty. One boardwalk leads up to Wind Cave, up on a hill and the other to Clearwater Cave.

Like Lang Cave, Wind cave is full of stalagmite and stalactite. The boardwalk ascends and descends steeply in the cave and at one narrow spot, you can feel cool breeze blowing, hence the name Wind Cave. It is much larger than Lang Cave.

From Wind Cave, we walked along the boardwalk clinging to the steep cliff walls high above ground. If you are afraid of height, it's too bad for you. You still have to go forward. There is no escape. The boardwalk leads to a resting spot where you can take a swim in the clean, clear water. Clearwater Cave is adjacent to it. It took about 10 minutes' walk from Wind Cave.

To reach Clearwater Cave, you need to take the 'stairway to heaven'. It is 200 steps up to reach the cave entrance, tiring for folks who are not fit. From the entrance, we climbed down, first to the path on the right, making a loop, before taking the path on the left. A fast-flowing underground river flows through Clearwater Cave. The water is cool and clear. Bring an empty bottle and fill up a bottle of Clearwater water to bring home as souvenir of your trip. Unfortunately, the tour guide forbade anyone from taking a dip or swim in the fast-flowing water. "It's dangerous!". The sight of the underground river is one to behold. Amazingly beautiful! The cave visit ended at Clearwater Cave.

As a finale, one can enjoy one's final pleasure of the Mulu trip by flinging oneself into the clean, clear water for a swim at the swimming spot together with the fish. It's a mini Jiuzhaigou. Serene and beautiful!

Finally, it was time to depart. Tomorrow, we would be flying back to Sibu via Miri.


  1. I went to Mulu Caves many years back. I can remember myself dipping into the pool outside the Clearwater Cave, so refreshing!

  2. Yes, it is a nice place to take a dip but didn't take any bath towel with me then.