Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mulu National Park I

Day 1 - Lang Cave and Deer Cave

(The original post first appeared on in 1995. This is an edited version of the original post.)

Some were green with envy when some of our colleagues were given a Company sponsored holiday to Mulu National Park last year. This year was our turn for the trip and there were 61 of us in the group.

On the eve of Hari Raya holiday in 2005, we left for Miri on the first flight from Sibu at 7:00 a.m.

At Miri Airport, we met up with our colleagues who left a day earlier. Another group would be leaving Sibu in the afternoon for Mulu National Park.

From Miri Airport, we left for Mulu Airport and from Mulu Airport, we took vans to Royal Mulu Resort Hotel. We were welcomed with traditional dances, music and a cold drink. We then dispersed to check into our respective rooms. The little time we had before the start of our excursion in the afternoon allowed us to explore the surrounding of Mulu Resort Hotel.

Our lunch was not at Royal Mulu Resort Hotel but rather at a restaurant across the river, operated by the tour agency, Tropical Travel.

After lunch, we walked a short distant to a newly built church to wait for our vans that would take us to Mulu National Park Office, where our trek would begin.

Walking on foot along the well-laid boardwalk through the jungle, the trek took us about one hour because the tour guide was stopping now and then to explain the different plant species. A normal walk takes between 35 - 45 minutes. Towards the end of the boardwalk, one path leads to the bat watching observatory platform and another leads to Lang and Deer Caves.

Lang Cave is the smallest of the four with low roof. It has an amazing number of beautiful stalagmite and stalactite.

Deer Cave is magnificent and stunning. Awesome. Photographs and expression cannot fully describe it. Its magnificence can only be felt by our sight and senses, not captured through photographs or expressed in words. Photographs, after all, cannot capture depth, size and dim light which our eyes can see in the cave. A glorious sight to behold! A world of its own with gigantic rock wall and floor tinged with moss displaying its glory under the light shining through the roof. The visual is heavenly, which men could not possibly see in the world outside. It is after all the world largest cave passage and the most striking and magnificent of the four caves.

It started to drizzle when we came out of Deer Cave. The last programme of the day was watching bats flying out from Deer Cave. They came out in small groups, starting at about 4:30 p.m.

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