Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chengdu Food - Part 2

Day 3 (24 October 2012): For breakfast, I went to the same area beside Xinnanmen side entrance for street food again, this time from a woman vendor and I ordered Wonton. The cost was again RMB8. Nothing special, just the typical taste of saltiness, not very spicy and pretty nothing much.

Then, I went for my second round of breakfast of three pieces of pork buns at a small hole where I saw a white woman having buns a day earlier. The taste was okay, not as good as the big pork bun in Kuala Lumpur or Penang. It was a little salty as usual with Sichuan food, but with oil dripping out after biting into the bun. It cost RMB5 with a packet of soy milk.

After returning from Chengdu Panda Research Base, I had lunch at a Muslim restaurant near the side entrance of Xinnanmen. The clients were mostly non-Han looking, including two Xinjiang-looking men, one of whom was peddling dried grapes and the other fruit. There was one South Asian looking guy too.

During an afternoon stroll, I came across some more snacks. It looked tempting. I guessed anything fried look tempting to me.

For dinner, I decided to go to Wonton King Dumpling King which I had noticed earlier in an afternoon stroll around the Xinnanmen neighbourhood. It was on the same row as the steamed bun shop but at a corner lot. First, it was a bowl of beef noodle followed by a bowl of Wonton. They were quite good.

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