Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Final Hours in Chengdu

Day 15 (5th November 2012)

My flight was at 2355 hours. I have the whole day in Chengdu but I have run out of places to go. There were places which I have not gone but I was not keen on those places. I would take it easy today, go to the market near Xinnanmen Station for some street food and take a final look at Chengdu before leaving.

I had run out of oral rehydration salt last night but I was also feeling better today. It was cloudy and cold. As I stepped out, I realised there was a slight drizzle. No wonder it was so cold today. I wouldn't stroll too far away, to avoid getting caught in heavy rain and finding myself drenched in this cold weather. The weather did not permit me to go farther, to the street near Wenshu Monastery for some local food which I had thought of trying before leaving Chengdu.

After the street food, it was dumpling from Wonton King Dumpling King. Then I returned to the Traffic Inn. I stayed in my room, played on my Sony Xperia, checked out at about 12 noon and stayed at the lobby. Feeling bored, and seeing that the weather was not getting any worse, I went out at about 1:00 p.m.

I walked to Jinjiang Hotel to check and confirm the location of the no. 303 shuttle bus to the airport. I was wrong. I had thought the no. 303 buses were parked opposite Minshan Hotel, i.e. at Jinjiang Hotel. This was because while I was around the area in the first week, I saw many buses parked near Jinjiang Hotel. I did not see any buses there today.

As I looked around, I saw buses parked at the side street beside Minshan Hotel across the road.

I crossed back to Minshan Hotel side of the road to check and confirm. Yes, they were shuttle buses no. 303 to the airport. I have found the buses. Now, I would know where to go to get bus no. 303 to Shuangliu Airport this evening.

I explored the area a little more before returning to Traffic Inn.

After three hours at Traffic Inn doing practically nothing, I decided to get an early dinner and went to the airport.

As the bus arrived at Shuangliu Airport, I was confused by passengers who were telling the driver that they wanted to go to Terminal Two. Only then, I realised that if Shuangliu Airport is very big, the distant between Terminal Two and One would be great. I asked fellow passengers whether the bus had stopped at the terminal for the Kuala Lumpur flight. One of the passengers said yes and I got down.

At midnight, we were off. My Chengdu holidays finally came to an end.

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  1. Hi, loved reading through your posts on your journey. I'll be visiting Chengdu in December.
    How thick did you wear there? Was it very cold?
    As a fellow Malaysian our cold tolerance should be relatable :D