Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chengdu Food - Part 3

Day 4 (25 October 2012): I had 3 pieces of steamed pork buns and three pieces of vegetable buns at the same shop as Day 3. The vegetable buns came in two varieties. It cost only RMB7 including soy milk.

The little plate contained pickled fruit/ vegetable of some kind. It came together with the buns. I did not try it. Unlike Guilin/ Yangshuo, I had yet to see fresh soy milk being sold in Chengdu and the neigbouring cities/ towns
Day 5 (26 October 2012): This was my first breakfast of dumplings at Wonton King Dumpling King. Yummy! It was by far the best I had tried. I was not satisfied with one basket and went for a second basket. One basket of nine pieces cost RMB5 only.

For dinner, I decided to try the food at South F North N restaurant. I had been eyeing this restaurant for sometime already. It was located directly opposite the Xinnanmen bus exit gate. I looked at the menu on the wall and pointed to a noodle dish which looked appetising for my order. The noodle cost RMB9.

Day 6 (27 October 2012): I was back to Wonton King Dumpling King for my breakfast of dumpling. In addition, I ordered a small bowl of Wonton for a total cost RMB10. Between these two dishes, the dumpling was better.

I have tried Chengdu hotpot and Luodai douhua (jelly-like bean curd). Gong Pao Chicken and Mapo Tofu are another two very famous dishes of Chengdu. My PNG Chengdu friend recommended them too. However, I don't read Chinese and did not know where to find them. Anyway, I decided that for dinner, I was going to South F & North N Restaurant and asked.

I guessed they were not for my Malaysian taste-buds. I could not finish Mapo Tofu. Gong Pao Chicken was not too bad and the unpleasant numbing effect after biting into Sichuan peppercorn kept me from enjoying the food fully. The bill came to RMB35, RMB22 for Gong Pao Chicken, RMB12 for Mapo Tofu and RMB1 for rice.

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