Sunday, July 24, 2016

Big C Supercenter and CentralWorld, Bangkok

Day 4 (Monday, 9 May 2016), Morning

Today would be my last day shopping at the malls as I would be leaving for DMK Airport early tomorrow. I still haven't bought myself anything significant. I wanted to buy some shirts and pants for my office wear, and maybe a pair of short pants and sneakers at reasonable prices. I also wanted to buy Shoe Goo to repair the sole of a pair of good shoes. I have not found the shirts and pants that I like at the shopping malls. Prices of leather products which I liked such as crocodile skin belt have shot over the roof and were beyond my budget. I also haven't found a reasonably priced pair of lavender-coloured Adidas sneakers that Ging had asked me to buy.

I have not been able to find what I wanted at Platinum Fashion Mall yesterday. I hope to find something at CentralWorld today. After an early breakfast, I arrived at BTS Chit Lom station just before 7 a.m. I was of course way too early and decided to walk from BTS Chit Lom station to BTS CEN Siam station on the elevated walkway called Skywalk.

I walked back to CentralWorld from BTS CEN Siam station which took about 10 minutes walking slowly. It was only 7:43 a.m. when I reached CentralWorld and I was still too early. I did not know what to do and after loitering around for 10 minutes, I decided to go to Erawan Shrine again to take a closer look this time. I was done with Erawan Shrine in no time and I still had too much time to spare.

It dawned on me that Big C Supercenter might open earlier since it was a supermarket rather than a fashion mall and I walked over to check it out. It was only 8:10 a.m. and it had indeed opened. There was no Shoe Goo. I checked out all the floors, including having two rounds of brunch there. Big C cash cards needed to be purchased first before patrons could order food from its food stalls. Smaller food stands operated by individuals accepted cash only.

By the time I was done with Big C, it was already 10:20 a.m. I crossed over the road using the overhead bridge linking Big C and Isetan and walked to CentralWorld. CentralWorld was high-end and though there was an Adidas shop, the sneakers were more expensive than what I saw at Siam Center. I left after 20 minutes there and took the Skytrain back to the hostel.

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