Friday, October 30, 2009

Finally, the Resignation Letter

Yesterday, 29th October 2009, I signed and returned the contract of employment to my new employer, and today, I submitted my resignation to my present Company. The first part of taking up a new employment overseas has been completed.

Today too, I informed my four closest friends in Sibu of the news over lunch. Two of them were former colleagues and who have since joined other firms in Sibu. Another two are still serving in the same company as I do. Even though they cajoled me into revealing more details, I have been able to resist giving them the whole picture. I promised them that once I am settled at my new workplace, I would let them know. At this moment, they know that I shall neither be in Sibu nor in Sarawak, since I let them know that I am going to sell my car.

Today too, I went to Mulu Press Sdn. Bhd, the parent company of Sin Chew Daily, to buy an advertisement spot in the classified page to advertise the sales of my three year old Kenari. The cost was RM37.80 for a 6.5 cm x 4 cm spot to be published on Sunday, 1st November 2009, in the Sibu Region. I hope to get a fair price for the car.


  1. Good luck to all your future doings! What will happen to your Guilin trip? Will still go?

  2. Jam: The way thing goes, not likely. The Guilin trip has to be put on hold for now. Hopefully, in 2011. Sad!

  3. Better before December 21, 2012! Haha!