Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Am Going to Die With Such Expensive Broadband

I have a shock! The country I am going to work in has 4 Internet Service Providers, but their rates are all sky high! How can I afford it? An example from one ISP, with the currency converted into Malaysian Ringgit (based on today's exchange rates on XE), are as follow:

3 Monthly Accounts 6 Monthly Accounts Annual Accounts Registration MB Limit / Month
Account Type RM148 RM281 RM531 RM52 30
3A 6A 12A
Account Type RM312 RM593 RM1,140 RM52 100
3B 6B 12B
Mail Box Only - - RM31 RM52 -

The connection is expensive, slow and with downloads limit. If this is to happen in Malaysia, TMNet can as well kiss goodbye to its business or be slaughtered by the ever-complaining public.

So what am I going to do during my leisure after office hours? I am going to die of boredom! No more surfing for beautiful places to visit, no more blogging, no more uploading of photos, no more surfing Airasia website for cheap tickets, and so many other things that we take for granted while surfing in Malaysia. We are indeed blessed living in our own country.


  1. From your post, it sounds like you'll be working in a desert/jungle/camp where there's nothing great to see/do/eat.. One of my colleagues was temporarily assigned to an oil facility located in the middle of a jungle. At 1st he mourned but things got better and better as he networked and developed friendships with the other foreigners in his workplace. It also helped that the company had gym, inhouse movie & other entertainment facilities and self-improvement classes (eg foreign language lessons)!

    If you're expecting language barriers and restrictions on your physical mobility, it may just be best to bring along a portable DVD player & bags of DVDs! ;D

    All the best to you!

  2. Anonymous: Thanks for your encouraging words. I shall actually be working in a small city. My pastimes are surfing the net and reading travelogue. The relatively expensive broadband service in this country, compared to Malaysia, will somehow have an impact on my surfing activity.

    I guess I have to adapt and develop interest in other activities.