Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chengdu Food - Part 4

Day 7 (28 October 2012): For breakfast, I had another two baskets of dumpling at my favorite joint at Wonton King Dumpling King.

Today, I visited Wenshu Monastery and after exiting the monastery, I tried some snacks at the food street outside the entrance.

Very good!

Although the numbing effect was there, this particular pancake was very nice
I have always been fascinated by the Muslim food of Xian and Xinjiang. Hence, I could not resist visiting Muslim restaurants here. It was the same when I was in Yangshuo. So far, the only kind of Muslim restaurants I have seen, both in Yangshuo and Chengdu were the Lanzhou La Mian restaurants.

It was no different for the Muslim restaurant at the street in front of Wenshu Monastery entrance. I was looking at the menu on the wall when the chef came over and gave me a menu. Everything was written in Chinese except for some pictures of dishes at the bottom of the menu. I pointed to one of them which looked quite appetising. Soon, the soup came, then the main dish and a few cloves of garlic. The portion was enough for two persons. I requested for rice but it was served only a short time later. It was good and I didn't know whether it was mutton or something else. That one dish alone cost me RMB60, even more expensive than at Luodai Ancient Town.

I don't take raw garlic and so I did not bother with it

Though I ate this dish without any dipping or sauce, it was quite good
In the afternoon, as I strolled along Linjiang East Road, I saw a street vendor selling some traditional sweet snacks. I decided to buy them.

I thought I did not bring the list of must-eat food given by Henry, my Chengdu friend working in PNG. I finally found it and saw Dan Dan noodle written on it. I checked the writing against the menu which I photographed at South F & North N. It was there. When dinner time came, I went over to South F & North N and ordered Dan Dan noodle. It was the most delicious noodle dish I have tasted so far and it was cheap at RMB6 only. The portion was small.

Dan Dan Noodle

The noodle was sitting on top of some delicious sauce. I forgot to take pictures of the noodle again after mixing it up with the sauce and minced meat

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