Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baoguo Village Meals

Day 12 (2 November 2012): It was really a miserable day for me. In addition to an upset stomach, I caught the wrong bus and went to Mei Shan instead of Emei Shan, had a aching butt because of the long hours sitting in the bus and was lost in Baoguo for a while when the van driver failed to drop me at Teddy Bear Hotel as requested.

Anyway, after checking in at Teddy Bear Hotel after a long day on the road, I ordered dinner and a mug of Chinese tea there. It was not a bad meal.

Day 13 (3 November 2012): I decided that I was not going to eat spicy food today to avoid aggravating my upset stomach. I went out at about 8:15 a.m. but most eateries were still closed. I finally saw a small eatery selling Wonton.

As I was still experiencing an upset stomach, I decided to skip lunch like yesterday. For dinner, I went for something which was not spicy. I had simple omelette with rice at Teddy Bear Hotel.

Onion omelette
Day 14 (4 November 2012): Instead of walking the back and side streets where I found the Wonton stall yesterday, I decided to walk along the main street to see whether I could find something else to eat. A short distant away from the hotel, I found several stalls selling noodles and steamed buns. I bought some takeaway steamed buns and ate them while walking back to the hotel.

The food stalls were found at the entrance to the side-street where the pharmacy was located

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