Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chengdu Food - Part 5

Day 8 (29 October 2012): Today I left Chengdu on a day-long trip to Jiuzhaigou.

For my breakfast, I had four pieces of pork buns and one packet of soya milk. From the same shop, I decided to pack two hard boiled eggs cooked in herbs for my take-away lunch during the long trip to Jiuzhaigou. I had read that prices will be expensive and unappetising at the rest stops.

The second stop at about 11:30 a.m. was the lunch stop. When I saw other fellow passengers munching away the snacks they brought along or buying fruits at the stalls for lunch, I went back to the bus to take mine. In addition to the eggs, I had brought some snacks too.

Day 11 (1 November 2012): I returned to Chengdu today after two days in Jiuzhaigou. Breakfast was a piece of plain pancake bought at the bus station at Jiuzhaigou and lunch was biscuit which I bought the night earlier, eaten in the bus.

For dinner, I went to look for the Bon Bon Chicken outlet near Xinnanmen which I saw before leaving for Jiuzhaigou. Bon Bon Chicken is a famous dish but I did not know that it was a cold takeaway dish at Liao's Bon Bon Chicken.

Chicken floating in chilly oil! It was not spicy hot as I had assumed or rather, it was not any spicier than Malaysian food
The portion was quite small and sold by weight. I paid RMB20.30 for 0.204 kg. I went out again for a second dinner of Dan Dan Noodle at South F North N again.

Day 14 (4 November 2012): I skipped lunch again while in Leshan City. By dinner time, I was back in Chengdu already. I went to South F North N for a non-spicy dinner as my stomach has not recovered from food poisoning.

Day 15 (5 November 2012): Today was my last day in Chengdu. I would be flying back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at about midnight. I found the market near Xinnanmen a day before I left for Emei Shan and I had promised myself I would be back for the street food.

I bought two varieties, the round and oval-shaped pancakes
This was the round pancake. The oval-shaped pancake was meat based and tasted better
It was still drizzling. I had to cancel my plan to go to Wenshu Monastery for the street food there for lunch. I dare not venture too far away from my base at Traffic Inn, thinking that it would be easier for me to return to the Inn if the drizzle turned into a downpour. Instead, I had lunch at the Lanzhou La Mian restaurant again. I pointed to a dish on the wall but it turned out there was more potatoes than meat. Anyway, it was good.

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