Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simple Meals in Jiuzhaigou

Day 8 (29 October 2012):

After checking in at Starway Snow Lotus Hotel in Jiuzhaigou, I went out in search for dinner near the hotel in Zhangzha town. I went to a small restaurant but did not know what to order as the menu on the wall were side dishes to go with rice. Then, I heard a patron ordered what sounded like "Zhazha Mian". I decided to order the same. It was overpriced at RMB15 and taste average. What can you expect from a tourist town in Jiuzhaigou?

Day 9 (30 October 2012): Today was my first day visiting Jiuzhaigou National Park. I was out on the street at 6:15 a.m. to hunt for breakfast. I saw only one open and went in for steamed buns. Two baskets of small pork buns cost me RMB24. The taste was average and the bun overpriced.

Before coming to Jiuzhaigou, I had read that food in the park restaurants was expensive and unappetising. I thought the restaurants were operated from colourful Tibetan shops. I was wrong. The only place to find the restaurants was at the Nuorilang Central Station.

More likely than not, visitors all over the park would be buying cup noodles from peddlers for their lunches or eating dry ration brought from outside the park. For me, I ate some biscuit which I brought from Chengdu for my lunch. I ate while continuing with my trekking.

Since the meals were expensive in Zhangzha, I decided to buy three cups of instant noodles that night, one for dinner tonight and another two for my breakfast tomorrow morning. Dinner also included some biscuits bought in Chengdu.

Day 10 (31 October 2012): I prepared two cups of instant noodle for breakfast this morning. For lunch, I had biscuit bought in Chengdu. While eating my lunch at Zechawa Tibetan Village, I accidently dropped the unfinished pack on the road, which was half of my lunch. One 500 ml bottle of water at Shunzheng Tibetan Village was RMB5 versus RMB1 in Chengdu and RMB2 in Zhangzha town.

For dinner, I had beef noodle soup at the same shop where I had "Zhazha Mian" the first night in Zhangzha town. The price was RMB15 also.

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