Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food at Luodai Ancient Town

I like Luodai Ancient Town and spent the whole morning there. On the old streets, there were so many stands selling snacks. They looked so tempting. I had been to Jinli Street and Kuanzhaixiangzi Alley but had not been as tempted by the snacks as in Luodai.

These snacks were not cheap. As a tourist town, everybody was munching away on their snacks.

This stand was the first I saw when I took a random street to look for Luodai Ancient Town. It was not in the ancient town itself
The pancake is quite plain, with small bits of meat scattered within

This was one of the best snacks in Luodai. It was crispy outside and soft inside. Heavenly! I had wanted to get another one before leaving Luodai but did not do so. Now, I am regretting that
I don't know what that was. Its texture was too firm and it tasted average only
The chicken wings on the right was sweet and good
I think the black stuff was the famous Smelly Tofu. I did not ask the girls what it was and I did not smell anything at all. Was the girl frying the Tofu covering her mouth for hygienic reason or because the Tofu was too smelly?
My nose is not that sensitive and did not smell anything funny. Average taste only.

I saw a woman ordering this douhua (jelly-like bean curd) and decided to have one too

Malaysian douhua would most likely be added with sweet syrup, not these ingredients which gave the usual spicy and numbing effect to the food. It was not bad.

I once saw on Channel News Asia that the art in making this food was disappearing (in Singapore?). The old master was handing the skill down to her grandson (or was it son?). At Luodai, there were so many shops with young people making this food
Taste okay. It was not too sweet
At one corner of the old town, there were many restaurants and I decided to take my lunch there. I stepped into two old establishments outside the tourist area but nobody came to serve me so I left. I finally walked into a restaurant at the tourist area after being solicited. She showed me the menu in Chinese and asked me to order. I asked her what the recommended dishes were. She babbled something in Chinese which I did not understand and I just nodded my head and said yes. She babbled on and I said I wanted tofu and she babbled something about three, probably about three kinds of preparations. She recommended something which I did not understand but I just nodded my head and she asked me whether I was ordering two or three dishes. I said two but which dish was to be cancelled? Pointing to the menu I said the one on the menu, still not knowing what was actually cancelled. In the end, I ended up with a tofu dish and a cold meat dish what looked like duck meat. I didn't ask for rice since the portion was too much for me after having the street snacks earlier. The bill came to RMB57. Expensive!  I guessed I have been ripped off. How much was a tofu dish in Chengdu? I needed to find out! Later that evening, back in Chengdu, I ordered Gong Pao Chicken and Mapo Tofu for dinner. Mapo Tofu was RMB12 only.

The restaurant in Luodai where I had lunch

The tofu dish tasted average.
Was this duck? It tasted okay

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