Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guilin Jinjiang Princes Palaces & Mausoleum and Solitary Beauty Peak

Day 10 (1st April 2011)

The plan was to visit Daxu Ancient Town. As usual, I wanted to go there using public transportation. At the Guilin Train Station/ bus terminal, I was told that the bus would would be ½ kilometre away along Zhongsan South Road, towards the North.

There were a number of Chinese with luggage walking in the same direction and when they made a turn into a side street, I saw that there was a bus station at the far end. I followed from behind. At this bus station, I was told that the Daxu bus was based at another station. What a hassle! I gave up.

I then decided that I would be going to one of those parks which I have shortlisted, such as Jinjiang Prince Palaces and Mausoleum. As I was coming out to the main road, the touts/ taxi drivers who were based there began to approach me to offer their taxi service. One taxi driver offered RMB5. I was more careful this time, making sure that the trip to Jinjiang Prince Palace and Mausoleum would not cost me more at the last minute. On boarding, he began to begin his sales pitch. No, I was not interested.

Seeing that he was more interested in getting me to other places and not to my requested destination, I got off the taxi. Only when he agreed to take me to my intended destination did I get into the taxi again, and so off we went to the park for RMB5. He suggested that I paid for the RMB70 entrance ticket (there were another two ticket categories). This ticket included the Solitary Beauty Peak which lies inside the park.

I went in and was given a tag with the number 58 and asked to follow a female park guide. There was a small crowd there already. This was not expected but anyway, I followed her.

Jinjiang is only a small place, not worth RMB70 for the scenery I was looking forward to. It is for Guilin history buff.


  1. Jinjiang Princes Park to me, is not a must visit in Guilin. The only attraction to me in this park is the panoramic view of Guilin on top of the Solitary Beauty Peak.

  2. I agree fully. I thought it covers a large area, hence my interest in visiting the park.