Monday, May 9, 2011

Guilin Seven Star Park and Seven Star Cave

Day 11 (2nd April 2011)

Today, I would be going to the Seven Star Park. The day earlier, the owner of the eatery behind the Happy Hotel has advised me to take bus no. 10 to go to Seven Star Park. Bus after bus stopping at the bus stop near the Guilin Train Station/ bus terminal was full. I then decided to take a tuk tuk to go there. As usual with the people in the trade, the sales promotion followed after I got into the tuk-tuk. He was not that persistent and soon, I was off to Seven Star Park.

At the ticket counter at Seven Star Park, upon payment of RMB90, a receipt in duplicate was issued. From there, I had to go to another counter to get my ticket by exchanging it with one copy of the receipt. The other copy of the receipt would be collected at the entrance to the Seven Star Cave if I decided to go in.

Seven Star Park is a very large park. There were many spots for photography, the main ones being the waterfalls and the cave.

(Download this 1,599 x 1,066 px map)

After the visit, I took bus no. 11 back to the hostel.

There were not many places of interest to me in Guilin. Tomorrow, I would be going back to Yangshuo. I would explore Moon Hill and those streets which I did not do so in the earlier visit. I would also like to go back to Binjiang Road, my favourite street one last time before leaving Guangxi for good.


  1. You explored this park far more than me. I only went into the Seven-Star Cave, but didn't go to the Camel Hill.

  2. Yeah, even though my walk was extensive, I still missed a few places - panda, Qixia Temple, etc.

  3. I am going oa a group tour to Guilin Yangshuo & Longsheng end of this Jul.
    However, I came to know that the itinery do not hv seven star park and Shangrila Shi Wai Tao Yuan village park. I intend to go on my own & skip some of itinery.
    hv u visited Shi Wai Tao Yuan village park?
    Which is better as I might have time for one only.

    1. No, I did not visit Shi Wai Tao Yuan Village Park. Seven Star Park is not too bad. If you have a day free, I suggest that you spend it in Huangyao or Xingping.

  4. Per itinery, visit Lipu Silver cave,Li River cruise(half day);Liu SanJie park, Banyan Lake & fir lake & view Sun & Moon pagoda, Yi Jiang Scenic spots, mt Yaoshan cable car ride, jiangjiang prince palace,Wood dragon Lake.

    1. I think these are all in Guilin. Share with us your experience when you are back.