Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moon Hill

Day 13 (4th April 2011)
The weather looked dreary with a light drizzle early this morning. However, I was quite determined to go to Moon Hill. On the way, I stopped at a restaurant to have breakfast. While eating, the light drizzle turned into a shower. There was no way to go to Moon Hill now. I would be soaked to the bone if I were to do that and so I returned to the hostel.

At 1:15 p.m. the weather improved. I got ready to go to Moon Hill. The sky was overcast but I took the chance to go there, hoping that the rain would not return. Today would be my last day in Yangshuo and if I did not make it, I would have missed Moon Hill.

What a difference 10 days made? There was an obvious difference in the "cherry" trees, with the leaves having grown larger. The yellow bloom of the Yew Chai flowers had almost disappeared too.

From earlier bicyle rides on the same road, I had not bother to take photos of some tourist spots along the way. This time, I decided to do so just for the record.

On the way back from Moon Hill, I decided to take as much of the scenery at Gongnong Bridge. I could only imagine what it was like without all those buildings and man-made structure. It could have been very much more beautiful.

The scenery on the way back to Yangshuo was as gorgeous as always.

On reaching the town, I turn into Guanlian Road. There was not much to see here.

That evening, more time was spent at the riverfront of Binjiang Road. This was my last chance to take more photographs of the waterfront before I returned to Guilin.

Some time was also spent at the small night market at the intersection of Diecui Road and Pantao Road.


  1. One thing I regret most about my Guilin trip is we did not go for cycling in Yangshuo. You did it, well done, mate!

  2. I went cycling on the same road three times. On returning to Malaysia, I regret not cycling on some country roads in Xingping.

    It was really enjoyable and you would not feel the miles passing you by when you have such beautiful scenery.